Our Program
Our goal is to not only cultivate unique & strong actors, but also to curate them. Our training modules are designed to establish & develop foundational components that address the instrument & business of the total actor. The goal is to develop depth & range of talent within the actor and provide the tools necessary to strengthen their professional presence. This goal will be achieved by employing a multitude of notable and original exercises, techniques, methods, perspectives and multi-media student analysis.
The Mechanics
 The mechanics allows the actor to prepare for the physical, mental and technical demands of the craft. The focus of this training also introduces the actor to the importance of movement and control of the human body. It includes, but not limited to, exercises that focus on voice, enunciation and projection, as well as multiple exercises on concentration  to improve versatility, strength, endurance & focus. 
The Core Work
The actor will learn to understand  and exercise gradient levels of emotion to increase range and ability to explore those emotions within the context of their character. Within a setting of a safe, non-judgmental & positive environment, a variety of exercises of verbal and non-verbal communication, help actors investigate the depths of self-awareness. To be able to emotionally display truth and authenticity during monologue and scene work, is key.
The Improv
The actor will be given various situtations, scenes and scenarios. Exercises are designed to heighten sensory awareness and perception, focusing on the understaning time & place, relationship dynamics and imagination instincts. All exercises will conclude with evaluations/discussions to allow students to self-reflect and maximize their development. Training exercises will also help actors develop versatility, range and their own sense on instinct. The ability to let the character live beyond the text of the script, and explore the reality of the moment, will be the focus of development. 
Character & Scene Development
This portion of the training is designed to develop the actor’s ability to technically break down a script and how to understand and build a character. Areas of focus include, but are not limitied to,  cold reading mechanics, monologue study and intense character development. The actor will be given written scenes & monologues to perform and will be encourage to develop their own. Intuitive instruction through multi-media based analysis will be given to allow the actor to identify the multifaceted dynamics of character builiding and relationship. 

Life On Camera

Unlike theater, the camera establishes levels of intimacy with an actor that allows the audience to be up close and personal. The camera puts the audience in places and gives visuals live performances do not give. Through multi-media, students study influential scenes from iconic movies, as they develop their own sense of  subtley, nuance and intent. This is necessary because during live performances, acgtions are broader, where as on camera, actions are more intimate. This segment will also focus on actors imagination, concentration and insight because in the world of CGI in film, the actor has to deliver lines to a prop or eye line and not another actor. It is the design of this component to get the actor so familiar and comfortable with the camera, that ignoring it becomes second nature and the scene work becomes paramount. Every student will be asked to bring a Flash Drive to capture their work for future study.
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The District Collective

It can be difficult & confusing to find credible opportunities to display what you're learning; consequently, it's frustrating for an actor not to be able to consistently build a body of work. ​​​​But here's the fun part: During the course of training The Actors District will be producing several District generated projects: Short Films, Web Series Concepts & an ongoing collection of scene vignettes called The District Collective. This will feature District generated & produced content, featuring District members. We will also feature District member inspired & developed material. Members are encouraged to submit original scenes to be produced and take advantage of opportunities to join The District Collective's writing team. We believe that encouraging & developing actors to write self-developed content, increases their viability and earning potential as an actor; thereby, taking advantage of the digital media market which thrives from user-generated content.
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