Industry Prep

A notable observation has always been, that the word ​​​​business, is longer than the word show. This component of The Actors District prepares and assists the actor with the mindset, tools, information and resources to strengthen their professional presence for the industry. This is designed for actors that are interested in positioning themselves to build their career.


The headshot where you start first when it's time to level up and be considered for larger, more professional roles. You may know somebody who knows somebody with a great camera, that can get you a great deal on photos, but a professional headshot photographer provides an abundant amount of  insight to the game. This business is ever-changing and we understand the current industry trends for actors’ headshots. We will work closely with you to target for specific looks. Getting your headshots taken by your friend is an affordable way to start your career. But  you will need to up your game. 

d ​
  • 125 (minimum) approved digital photographs
  • 2 "looks" (wardrobe change)
  • Makeup included
  • DVD of all images included.


Demo Reel Development & Production

Keep in mind, things have changed. Your demo reel is just as important as your headshot. Industry professionals just don't want to see your face, they want to see you in action! However, getting clips of your performances from past film projects can be challenging and extraordinarily time-consuming. Time you don't have, especially if projects you qualify for & submit to, require your headshot and your demo reel in a time sensitive manner. To strengthen your professional presence, schedule time with us and we will custom write, shoot & edit scenes for your demo reel. We will also provide an extra actor(s) and film it according to industry standards. You can choose from a variety of affordable packages that are industry competitive.
  • ​HD DSLR filming with prime lens.
  • Shot on location in either a studio or outdoors
  • Custom key, back and fill lighting (to give it the film look)
  • Basic makeup touches to match scene
    Additional actor(s) provided

2 scenes $299.95

3 scenes $349.95

 ​​Audition Prep & Taping

Have an audition coming up and you need extra help to give you the edge & confidence you need to deliver a strong performance? Schedule some time to receive

  • In-depth coaching
  • Produced video submissions as per audition requirements.
  • Actor Provided for Off Screen reading


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Brand/Career Consultation

Our qualified consultants will sit down and help you guide your brand direction and bring focus to your career & review your materials and progress.​                                                     
  • In-Depth Review of career materials
  • How to identify your 'Type"
  • How to structure your career disrection
  • ​...and more!

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